Summer concert schedule coming soon

This summer Michael Trolly will be performing various concerts in Ottawa, Kemptville, and Oshawa Ontario. More information will be available in mid May.


MP3s now on Facebook!

Yes, I've been on Facebook personally for some time, but now have a profile as a musician as well. It contains photos, mp3s, news, and video clips are coming soon. And as I record new material this year, you can find the demos at the Facebook page. To access the page, just search for "Michael Trolly".


Today I finally decided to update my blog, with the all important news (at least to me) that I'm back in Manitoba, again studying at my beloved Canadian Mennonite University, thrilled that they (as of this year) are offering a graduate degree. Thus, I hope to finish an MA in Theological Studies, with a concentration in Christian history.

It's incredible to be back in lovely Manitoba, and to rejoin a number of old friends, as well as make new ones. Highlights of the year will hopefully include a study tour of the Middle East, as well as singing Bach's Christmas Oratorio with the Mennonite Festival Chorus and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (who have a tremendous student pass deal, by the way).

I'm very appreciative of all my family and friends back home who are supporting me in this, especially my home parish, the Cathedral of the Annunciation (Ottawa), as well as St. Barnabas (Spencerville - south of the city) who have both taken it on to sponser me.

Your prayers are begged as I continue to wrestle with God about where he's leading me in the future. If possible, I'm hoping to go back into the studio sometime this fall to record a few new songs. I'm still planning to have some stuff online at some point. (In the meantime, my mailbox is waiting to take your CD orders.)

God bless and keep you,



Concert this Saturday in Kemptville

This Saturday evening, May 12, I will be giving a concert - the first of what will hopefully be a series of concerts in support of my recent album, "Even As We Are", and thus will have something of a "release party" atmosphere - i.e. there will be food after! Guest speaker Jen Lamont will share with us about her work with Youth With A Mission, and a free will offering will be taken.

Venue is Kemptville Pentecostal Church (their new location!) 1964 Highway 43 in Kemptville. Concert starts at 7 PM.
Directions from Ottawa: Take the 416 South to Kemptville, and there will be an exit for Highway 43. Go west (a right turn from the 416), through Kemptville, and a few minutes beyond the town. The church is on the left side of the road. Look up Kemptville Pentecostal on yellowpages.ca for a map, or email me if you have any questions. Looking foward to seeing you there!


The Traditional Anglican Communion and the Holy See

Here is a link to a 15 minute video clip produced by David Naglieri of Salt and Light Catholic Television, Canada's Catholic Network highlights the Traditional Anglican Communion (of which my church, the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada is a part) and their desire for full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. This segment was aired across Canada on S+L's FOCUS program on February 20, 2007, and can be seen here on the website of the Messenger Journal.


A penitential song for lent:

I have no words to tell you, for this is so much worse than words could tell
And I'm not sure I know the road back home
I have no song, for my song is to praise you, but now my lips are closed
And I forget the words to say "I've sinned"

And I pray Father, after all this, now help thy servants,
who thou hast redeemed with thy most precious blood,
Lift us up and make us one

I have no joy, for my joy is to love you, but now I don't know where I am
These terrors of my sin and foolish pride
We have no reason without you, oh God - we are fallen, we are brought low
Revive us, teach us to love you once more

And I pray Father, after all this, now help thy servants,
who thou hast redeemed with thy most precious blood,
Lift us up and make us one

Father, we have no words for you - for what you have done for us,
or for what we have done... to you
Jesus, have mercy on our sins, and give us lips to praise you,
and ears to hear your voice

And I pray Father... I pray Father, oh Father...

Lift us up and make us one.

(Copyright 2006 Michael Trolly)


Even As We Are is now available at Salem Storehouse in Ottawa.